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N.A.E.T. – Eliminate The REAL Problem.

N.A.E.T. – Eliminate The REAL Problem.

By Dr. Bonnie Wick

Do you have blood pressure problems? Poor memory or "foggy" thinking? Headaches? Indigestion, constipation or diarrhea? Difficulty sleeping at night? Back ache, joint pains or chronic fatigue? Blood sugar issues? Frequent colds? Anxiety or depression? I could go on, but it is likely that I have already mentioned at least one thing that you answered yes to. Have you ever considered that your problem may be at least in part due to an allergy to something around you, either in the air you breathe, food you eat or something that you touch such as fabrics or cosmetics?

It may be hard to believe that your sciatic pain or asthma may be caused by an allergy. And allergy may not be the best word to use. In today's medical language, the term allergy refers to a reaction in the body that stimulates part of the immune system to produce a specific type of immunoglobulin called IgE. This IgE-mediated reaction occurs quickly and is responsible for the hives and skin rashes or the stuffy nose and watery eyes that are typically referred to as allergic symptoms. However, this is not the type of reaction that I am referring to. We can look at the term allergy in a different way and get a completely different picture. In Oriental Medicine theory, allergy refers to a blockage in the energy pathways of the body, and the disorder/disease/imbalance that results depends on which pathway (or pathways) is affected and how long the blockage has been present. So, if something in our environment is causing a blockage in our lung meridian we may have frequent bouts of bronchitis, or if something has the energy blocked in the liver pathway we may get migraine headaches. With this approach we can see that if we have allergies to different things around us, then the list of symptoms we may experience is almost limitless.

We have found that allergies, or as we like to call them, "sensitivities", are often at the root of many of our health issues, at least as a major contributor to the problem. Sometimes these sensitivities are the problem, and other times sensitivities keep us from getting better, even when we are doing all the right things (eating right, taking the proper supplements and medicine, exercising, getting proper sleep, etc). How, then, can you find out if you have sensitivities that are blocking your path to better health?

Over 20 years ago Dr. Devi Nambudripad developed NAET, which is short for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. It is based on medical theory from Oriental medicine, chiropractic and applied kinesiology. Dr. Devi spent her childhood riddled with many allergy-type symptoms which motivated her into the medical field. Her training in Oriental medicine, chiropractic and allopathic medicine gave her a broad field of information from which to draw on, and in the course of trying to improve her own health, she developed the technique NAET.

In NAET therapy it is possible to determine what substances you may be sensitive to and then to treat those substances (one at a time) so that your body no longer has the negative reaction to those items. In a way, it can be viewed as a way to reprogram your body's response, so that whenever you come into contact with the troublesome substance in the future you will not be affected. Once these reactions have been "reprogrammed" this will leave you to live a healthier life!!

If you have questions about NAET therapy, please ask one of the doctors or staff. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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