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Dietary Detox Specialist

Bonnie L. Wick, NMD -  - Naturopathic Physician

The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic

Bonnie L. Wick, NMD

Naturopathic Physician located in Mesa, AZ

Toxins in your body can cause fatigue, chronic pain, and an increased risk of diseases and other health problems. At The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic in Mesa, Arizona, naturopathic physician Bonnie Wick, ND, and her experienced medical team offer dietary detox regimens to eliminate toxins from your body, help you lose weight, and improve your overall health. Schedule an appointment with The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic over the phone to learn more about dietary detox.

Dietary Detox Q&A

What is dietary detox?

Dietary detox uses dietary supplements, fasting, or other nutritional modifications to detoxify your body and improve your overall health naturally without undergoing invasive procedures or taking harsh medicines. It’s a natural therapy designed with your best interest and personalized needs in mind.

What are the benefits of dietary detox?

You can reap multiple health and wellness benefits from undergoing dietary detox. Examples include:

  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Less heavy metal buildup in your blood
  • Lower risk of diseases and illnesses
  • A better overall quality of life
  • Less chronic pain and fatigue

Dietary detoxification is an all-natural treatment that’s simple, yet often produces dramatic health benefits.

Which dietary detox services are available?

At The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic, Dr. Wick and her team offer numerous diet detoxification strategies, including:


Dr. Wick gives you instructions about how to fast, which means not eating at all or drinking just juices during certain time periods. Doing so aids in weight loss and detoxifies your body naturally. Make sure to drink plenty of water when you fast.


You might drink only fruit or vegetable juices, smoothies, teas, lemon water, or water mixed with juice for specific time periods to flush toxins out of your body.

Dietary supplements

Taking dietary supplements can aid in diet detox for several reasons. Certain supplements help reduce your appetite, prevent nutritional deficiencies, boost energy, and enhance your body’s natural detoxification process. 

Diet plans

Making changes to your diet is an excellent way to detox your body naturally. Dr. Wick might recommend you eat only whole foods and avoid alcohol, refined grains, sugar, and other highly processed foods. She creates a personalized diet detox meal plan to meet your unique needs.

Lifestyle changes

Getting regular exercise, weight loss, sauna use, and not smoking are other ways you can optimize detoxification.

Which dietary detox program is right for me?

Dr. Wick and her team customize dietary detox programs to meet your individualized needs and preferences. She recommends a detox program you’re comfortable with that fits in with your everyday routine and lifestyle.

Don’t live with chronic pain, fatigue, or obesity when dietary detox may be the holistic solution you’ve been seeking. Schedule an appointment with The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic over the phone or online today.