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IV Chelation Specialist

Bonnie L. Wick, NMD -  - Naturopathic Physician

The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic

Bonnie L. Wick, NMD

Naturopathic Physician located in Mesa, AZ

If your body has an abundance of heavy metals or other toxins in it your risk of illness, disease, fatigue, and chronic pain increases. At The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic in Mesa, Arizona, naturopathic physician Bonnie Wick, ND, and her expert medical team offer IV chelation therapy to remove mercury, lead, and other toxins from your body to optimize your health. Schedule an appointment over the phone today to learn more.

IV Chelation Q&A

What is IV chelation?

IV chelation therapy is a detoxification treatment that removes heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury from your blood. These toxins can affect the way you feel or cause problems with cognition. Detoxification with IV chelation helps:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve heart issues
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Optimize overall health and wellness
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve your overall well being

Heavy metals can enter your bloodstream after breathing in polluted air, ingesting bits of lead paint, or drinking polluted water. A simple blood test lets Dr. Wick know if IV chelation therapy is right for you.

How does IV chelation work?

During IV chelation treatment, Dr. Wick delivers disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) into your bloodstream. This medicine binds with heavy metals in your blood, and your body removes them in your urine over time. IV chelation therapy is a naturopathic way to detoxify the body.

What should I expect during IV chelation?

Prior to chelation therapy, Dr. Wick reviews your symptoms and medical history. She completes a physical exam and uses blood tests to find out if you have high levels of heavy metals in your body and determine if you’re a good candidate for IV chelation therapy. 

During chelation treatment, you sit in a comfortable chair while Dr. Wick inserts a needle into your arm. You might feel a slight pinch during needle insertion that lasts just a second. While the medication circulates through your bloodstream, which might take about 30 minutes, you can relax, talk on the phone, or read a book.

What happens after IV chelation therapy?

After IV chelation therapy, expect to feel better over a period of several days or weeks. Dr. Wick may recommend a series of chelation treatments to help you achieve the most desirable results. She might also suggest IV nutrition therapy, nutrition counseling, dietary detox, dietary supplements, or other naturopathic treatments to boost energy and restore your overall health.

Don’t let heavy metal toxicity affect the way you look and feel when noninvasive, holistic solutions are available at The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online to find out if IV chelation is right for you.